Fertilizer made directly on the farm from air, water, and renewable energy.
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The Problem

Issues in modern fertilizer production


Fertilizer production is a polluting industrial process exclusive to wealthy large nations. These $1B+ production sites require a similarly massive distribution network.


Fertilizer production consumes 2% of the global energy supply, and represents 1.5% of global CO2 emissions. Current practices in the fertilizer industry promote runoff and other forms of pollution.


Smallholder farmers produce 80% of the world's food supply, but cannot afford to make their own fertilizer. They must instead rely on industry and chemical companies to provide it.

Our Solution

Bringing sustainable, small-scale fertilizer production directly to farmers.

  • Innovative nitrogen fixation process

    Based on plasma processes at the gas-water interface, FLOW can generate vital nitrogenous compounds from just air, water, and sunlight.

  • Flexibility to meet farmer's needs

    FLOW offers variable pH and nitrate concentration to meet specific crop needs. Additionally, it can be readily integrated with indoor farming as well as outdoor irrigation systems.

  • Environmentally friendly fertilizer

    FLOW consumes small amounts of renewable energy to make fertilizer from air and water. Zero emissions and zero pollution. FLOW provides farmers with self-sufficiency and independence from heavy industry.

  • Proven results

    Nitrogen-rich fertilizer water produced by FLOW has shown comparable performance to traditional fertilizers in scientific trials.

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Meet Our Team

We pull experts from different fields together to accomplish something great.

Charles Chase

Director / CTO UnLAB

Ned Kahn

Designer / Artist / Fabricator

Professor Sergey Macheret

Purdue Plasma Physics

Kate McKinnon

UnLAB cofounder / Solver

John Edson

PA Consulting Head of US Design & Engineering

Professor Tony Vyn

Henry A. Wallace Chair in Crop Sciences

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